Gingerbread House… Fail


Okay friends, we have to be real with you today… We had the best intentions of building and decorating the most beautiful gingerbread house for you all. You know the kind where we would share our recipe and decorating tips with you and you’d all fall in love with it and hurry over to Pinterest and repin it to your “Christmas Crafts” board and then you’d tag us in your photo on Instagram with the amazing house you created from scratch (thanks to our never failing recipe and brilliant decorating tips) and then you’d use a clever hashtag like #gingerdreamhouse and everyone would like your post and you’d tell them “oh this little thing, it was NOTHING” just another idea I got from Two Sisters & a Story …

::pause as we take a deep breath::

Well like we said, we HAD good intentions. But sometimes things don’t exactly end up the way we planned.

Photo Credit: Alanna Story

Here at Two Sisters & a Story we try our best to create and share amazing things with you daily, but the truth is not everything turns out the way we hope. This is unfortunately true about our Ginger Bread House attempt. You see, we ended up with a #notsogingerdreamhouse… But the laughs we got out of this failed attempt were such a great reminder to us that NOTHING is perfect! Even in this social media world our blog lives in, nothing is perfect. Our Failed Gingerbread House reminded us that while the front of our house looked great, the back and inside were falling apart (we are shocked it’s still standing) and were no where near picture perfect. But such is also true about real life, isn’t it? Sometimes our outward appearance isn’t a good representation of what else is going on.

So today we are taking a step back to laugh at and embrace our imperfections and hope you all share a smile or laugh at our Gingerbread House’s expense. We all need a good laugh sometimes!

With LOVE,

Alanna, Natalie & Lyndsie


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