*Approved Product* Kid Robes by Havlu

Photo Credit: Alanna Story

Have any of you heard of Havlu?!! Well if not you are in for a real treat because they sell some of the most adorable products, including these kid ROBES! We received our kid robes from a sweet friend and still cant get over how cute they are! Alanna’s boys love that they look like real NINJAS in them!

Havlu sells authentic Turkish blankets, robes and ponchos that are made from 100% natural, handwoven cotton. We love that they are unique and FASHIONABLE at the same time!

We think these robes are the best to wrap up in after a bath, for a bed time story or while waiting for morning pancakes!! We also think they will be perfect to throw on over those cute jammies on Christmas morning!

We really love this product and consider it, Two Sister & a Story Approved!! Check them out and see for yourself!

You can purchase your Havlu products here

With LOVE,

Alanna, Natalie & Lyndsie


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