DIY Party Hats

 Photo Credit: Alanna Story

Tonight is the night!! It’s New Year’s Eve and we are ready to celebrate and ring in the new year! We have had a lot of fun this past week getting ready for our celebrations and are really looking forward to spending the evening with family and friends.

Since this is the one night of the year that we let our kiddos stay up WAYYYY past their bedtime, we thought we would make the night extra fun for them. We made these DIY party hats for the kids (we may or may not wear them ourselves, they are that cute!) These party hats are a simple and fun way to dress up any party and the best part is you can make them however you want, there is not right or wrong way!


Scrapbook paper

Marker or pencil (to trace your hat shape)


Hot Glue Gun & Glue

Hole Punch


Embellishments: (we found the oversized poms for the hat topper and feather boa at Hobby Lobby)


Grab your scrapbook paper, using your marker trace the shape of your hat onto the paper. (We found a party hat template online and traced it.) Cut the shape you traced and roll it into a cone. Using your hot glue gun, glue one side of your cone and stick it to the other side to hold it in place.

Once it’s dried, grab your hole punch and punch a hole at the base of the cone and tie your string. Stretch your string to the other side of the cone and punch another hole then tie the string.

Now you are ready to decorate!! We hot glued our oversized moms to the top of each hat and then cut our boa into smaller pieces and glued a piece around the base of the hat. Let everything dry and VOILA!!! Super cute and easy party hats!!

With LOVE,

Alanna, Natalie & Lyndsie


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