A Letter to the New Year…

snapseedDear 2017,

We are really excited to meet you! Everyone around is eagerly preparing for your arrival. People are setting goals, writing down resolutions, and preparing for fun parties to help ring you in. We  sure hope you are ready for us! You are a year of hope. Hope for the future. Hope for families. Hope for our country. Hope for those who are in need of your help. We hope you are good to our community, our families, and our friends. They deserve the very best you have to offer. We hope you bring lots of laughter and bliss. We hope you are full of more happiness and less sadness. We hope you are full of life and adventures. We hope you are a year full of accomplishments, dreams, and love all around. Please believe in us and know that we are going to be the best version of ourselves than ever before. We are going to be better. We are  going to be kinder, and going to believe in ourselves. We will be  more loving wives, better daughters, closer sisters, even more awesome aunts and mothers, keep in touch kind of granddaughters, more loyal friends, harder working employees, a glass half full kind of people, a more dedicated student, and a braver individual than ever before. 2016 has been so good to us and has been one of the best years so far. We’ll never forget the happiness and adventures it brought to us. The tears both happy and sad were worth it and have made us stronger than ever before. 2016 has made us really appreciate the people around us and taught us to love deeper than we ever thought possible. We are ready to tackle the challenges you may bring and know that trials will only make us stronger. We are so excited for the good times that are to come. We  are  ready to take on a new year and enjoy the many memories it will bring. Please be good to us. We believe in you and are hopeful and ready for you! Here’s to you year 2017!

With LOVE,

Two Sisters & a Story


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