Mildred Harris Photography

Hi Friends, Natalie here. A couple weeks ago Alanna, Lyndsie and I had the opportunity to work with a very talented photographer on some fun projects. After working with Mildred Harris of Mildred Harris Photography, we were so impressed and couldn’t wait to share our experiences with you.

I first met Mildred a few months ago when she took my family pictures. Taking pictures of my young family is not an easy task. (Ask any mom with toddlers…#yikes) I have two incredibly sweet and energetic girls who are always moving, especially when we are trying to take pictures. Usually our family sessions end up more of a work out then anything. However, this time that was not the case.


PHOTO CREDIT: Mildred Harris Photography

Mildred made our family session a BREEZE! It felt effortless, literally. My girls enjoyed themselves and it wasn’t painful for them (or me) because Mildred let them be themselves  and her patience with us was unbelieveable. Our pictures turned out better than I ever hoped for and I cried tears of happiness when I got them back (when you’re a mom you cry easily over these things… or at least I do.) We received candid shots of our family that I didn’t even know Mildred was taking. She has such an incredible eye for photography and we are so in love with our photos. I will treasure them forever.

Jumping forward a few months now, we here at Two Sisters & a Story were able to work with Mildred again. We may be adults, but picture day still scares and intimidates us. However any insecurities we had quickly went away as soon as Mildred stepped in. She made us feel so confident and the nerves we felt were soon chased away by laughter as she did her thang!!


PHOTO CREDIT: Mildred Harris Photography

Mildred truly CARES about her clients. She is such an amazing person to work with. She values your opinion and works hard to make sure you are completely satisfied with her work.  She is so easy going and her sweet personality is just the icing on the cake. We love her work and we love her as a person even more.

We give Mildred a 100% referral recommendation! Her prices are amazing and her turn around time can’t be beat! So for anyone looking for a photographer, look no further! We’ve got your girl!

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With LOVE,
Alanna, Natalie, and Lyndsie


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