Happy Valentine’s Day

Photo Credit: Alanna Story

Okay you guys I go a bit over board for Valentine’s Day. I love spoiling the kiddos and the husband with a LOVE day extravaganza!!! Here is the reason why…Growing up my parents always made us feel like a million bucks and very loved all the time, so on Valentine’s Day they put a little extra effort in to help give us a super special day of knowing how much they truly cared. They would write us little notes of all our talents and how much we were needed in our family. Of course they gave us little goodie bags, cute decor, and a delicious dinner, but what stood out to me were the letters of all the talents and good we were doing. It was special to me and now I do the same for my boys. Everyone needs to know they are wanted and loved. And that my friends is why Valentine’s is so dear to my heart.

So regardless of your relationship status we sure hope each and everyone of you know how thankful and how loved you are from us at Two Sisters and A Story.

You are all so incredible and we are so GRATEFUL for YOU!!!!

So from us to you HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!

With LOVE,

Alanna, Natalie & Lyndsie



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