Tessa Kate Design

Photo Credit: Alanna Story

Hey friends! Alanna here! We are so excited to show case our next artist. Today we are introducing you to the amazing Tessa Kate Design. I have known this sweet gal for over 12 years! We used to work together and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I would look over from my work area and catch her sketching and doodling! Guys, she has some serious talent! She would give me some of the sketches she would create and I would make her sign each piece because I wanted to be the first to have an original by THE Tessa Kate. I kept those pieces of hers because I knew that one day all of her creativity and hard work would be discovered and others would find them as remarkable as I do. And guess what! She is being discovered! We adore her!

Her work is incredible, to say the least. She is so whimsical with her lines and her water color art will make you fall in love. I am lucky to own two of her amazing creations and they bring fun colorful vibes of art into our home. Tessa Kate Design is a spectacular artist and an even more spectacular person. You have got to go take a look!
You can find her website here and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram here.

Art is such a beautiful thing in this world. It keeps the world creative and helps us express ourselves in ways we can’t describe with words. Stay tuned, as our Art Appreciation Week continues all week long.

With LOVE,

Alanna, Natalie & Lyndsie



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