Blooms and Branches & Charissa Lee Photography


Hey all! Lyndsie here!

To continue on this week with showcasing people who inspire us in the art department, I want to first tell you all what art means to me.
Art is a way that someone can express themselves. Whether it’s dancing, painting, taking pictures, or even having an amazing eye for flowers, art is all around us. It makes us all unique as individuals but yet brings us together in ways we could never imagine. It is such a beautiful thing to witness but even more beautiful to experience.

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway in October of 2015 which gave me the chance to work with the amazing Starlie Squires from Blooms and Branches as well as the gorgeous Charissa from Charissa Lee Photography! AND Guys, these women are both UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED! We came together as complete strangers and left as great friends! You would have thought I’d known them my entire life!

I remember staring in awe at the floral crown that Starlie pulled out of her car. It was so surreal to me! I felt like a model! Starlie has an eye for color as well as an incredible talent for floral arrangements. No joke, we were walking back to the car and she pulled out random flowers that she had leftover in her trunk and made the most incredible little floral piece for me to hold. (See close up pic above.) You guys have got to check out what this woman can do! Weddings, events, you name it, she can make it beautiful!

Starlie’s floral crown made me feel like a million bucks and Charissa Lee Photography then made me look like a million bucks!

Charissa is beautiful inside and out. It’s not too often you get her in front of a camera, but when you do, you too will see how beautiful she is! I didn’t ever know girls could be as nice as she is! Charissa has a way of making you feel confident in front of the camera and she makes you enjoy every minute of your session with her. I have been able to work with Charissa multiple times now and I simply ADORE her! She has taken photos of my husband and I multiple times, and I will cherish those pictures forever.

These women both made me feel more beautiful than I ever have before. It was FREEZING cold the day we took these photos, yet looking back, all I can remember is how great of a time we all had together!

Their talent is incredible and I for one love them both to pieces! Go check them out!

Instagram: @charissaleephoto  @bloomsandbranches


With LOVE,
Alanna, Natalie, and Lyndsie


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