The ‘Hygge’ Home: How to Make Your House More Cozy

Photo Credit: The Hygge Wife

Today we are REALLY excited to introduce a new series we will be featuring called “Take Over Tuesday.” Every so often (on a Tuesday) we will have one of our favorite blogger friends take over our blog for a day. Now you might be wondering “Um, why would you do that?” The reason is simple… We have met and continue to meet so many talented people who inspire us in all aspects of life and we want you to meet them too. Here at Two Sisters & a Story we believe in supporting, encouraging and uplifting one another and there is no better way to do that then to share the goodness and talents that others have within them.

So let’s get started shall we? This Take Over Tuesday is brought to you by our cute friend Erica over at The Hygge Wife.  Erica.. Take it away girl!!

The ‘Hygge’ Home: How to Make Your House More Cozy

Well, hello. I’m Erica, also known as ‘The Hygge Wife.’ The authors of Two Sisters and a Story were so kind as to let me participate in their ‘Take Over Tuesday’ and write a guest post for all of you! I feel so honored to be here as this blog is just lovely. I met one sister and the story at a blog conference a few weeks ago, and they of course wanted to know, what is hygge!? Hopefully I can answer that for you today and give you some useful tips for having more ‘hygge’ in your home.

What is ‘hygge’?

Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga” is a Danish word (hence the unusual pronunciation). In English, it translates to ‘cosiness’. Over in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries, it is considered more of a lifestyle than just the ‘cosiness’ that we think of when wrapped up in a big blanket, a cup of tea in hand . . . but those things are where we’ll begin today, as they are considered the bare necessities of hygge, or ‘cosiness’ in your home.

Hygge Home Essentials:

Hygge Lighting: This is so essential that people often associate hygge entirely with lighting itself.. Soft light, natural light, candle light… This is the kind of lighting that will bring a more natural, calming atmosphere to your home. Avoid harsh fluorescent lights as much as you can. In our house, we like to use white string lights to create soft lighting and of course lots of candles… I often tell my husband that I don’t need a lot in life, I just need a lot of candles!

Soft Materials: Another hygge essential is blankets. However, I believe that soft materials in general are what matters. During the winter months, you’ll of course want some cozy hand-knit blankets, but other softer materials that work year round are white, gauzy curtains (I have a blog post on making some for $6 here). Organic linens, tea towels, rugs… Soft materials give us the sense that our homes are a soft place to land… A place of comfort…

Nature: Bringing nature indoors is a wonderful way to add more natural elements to your decor. I really like using rustic elements in my home…. On walks I’m always collecting interesting branches and sticks… and bringing them home to decorate with…

Handmade Items: Buying handmade is something that I really believe goes hand in hand (literally) with hygge. There is something intrinsically ‘cozy’ about celebrating makers and cherishing their work. I like to buy handmade ceramics for my kitchen, because not only do they look beautiful but I love thinking about all of the careful dedication that went into making each one. We also buy handmade soaps, lotions, baby clothes, and linens. I love knowing that I’m support small businesses when I buy them, and even more when I can connect with and befriend the lovely people who make them.

Taking Pleasure In Simple Things: Essentially, hygge teaches us to get back to the basics…to find pleasure in the little things in our homes. As an example, I love storing all of my baking ingredients in glass jars. I line them all up on the counter and a have a couple on the kitchen table, and it just gives me so much joy to see them there. The glass jars are inexpensive to buy, and they look so much prettier and more simple than the containers that my flour and sugar and such come in. It is a little detail, but I feel it adds an element of charm to my home. And while I’m no expert baker, I do enjoy making dessert for my family (we call it Fika) . . . and having all of my baking ingredients ‘on display’ reminds me of the times we’ve shared over freshly baked cake and endless glasses of milk.

THANKS ERICA!! We love all of your ideas and you have definitely inspired up to make our homes more cozy. We can’t wait to try out what we’ve learned!
You can find more ideas and inspiration from Erica by following her on Instagram.
With LOVE,
Alanna, Natalie & Lyndsie

One thought on “The ‘Hygge’ Home: How to Make Your House More Cozy

  1. Erica,
    You are so awesome! Loved reading your post!
    Who knew I’ve been saying Hygge wrong all this time! Love that it’s Danish. One of my very best friends lives in Denmark. Can’t wait to share this with her!
    Also, can’t wait to apply your tips to my own home.

    Love, Lyndsie

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