**Deal Alert: AMAZING Shampoo/Conditioner**


Hey everyone!

It’s always hard finding the perfect products to fit your individual hair needs. If your hair is long, short, frizzy, silky, dry, or greasy, just keep reading because we’ve got a great product for you today!

I (Lyndsie) first stumbled upon Eva-Nyc products about a year ago when I was on the hunt for Dry Shampoo. Well, let me just tell you, Eva-Nyc has got their crap together! (Can I say that?) Not only does their Dry Shampoo smell amazing with a hint of vanilla, but it doesn’t leave a gross film on your hair. It’s so light that you can’t tell you have product in. It comes in an aerosol can so it sprays light and evenly! It seriously WORKS! (I would use it as perfume if that was socially acceptable..haha!)

After falling 100% in love with their Dry Shampoo, I found their Shampoo and KConditioner at COSTCO!!! COSTCO! As soon as saw it I ran over to it and my husband gave me the “Oh great..here we go.” look! But I had to try it! It’s about $8 a bottle which is such a steal of a deal compared to the usual shampoo and conditioner I beg my husband to buy me. Oh and check out how cute the bottle is. I’m a sucker for anything pink, so you can imagine how happy that makes me.

Eva-Nyc Shampoo cleans up all the buildup you get in your scalp over time that you don’t always realize you have and yet it keeps your hair moisturized, healthy, and strong! Having long hair, I find myself having a lot of breakage on the ends. This shampoo has really helped! The Conditioner makes your hair silky smooth and gives a perfect shine. And guys! Eva-Nyc did it again! THIS STUFF SMELLS SO GOOD! My husband always loves smelling my hair after I use this! I don’t have to use a lot during each wash, which makes the world of a difference having long hair. These bottles last me quite some time which ends up saving me some serious cash in the long run. (That makes my man pretty happy too!)

I will 100% recommend using this Shampoo and Conditioner. Trust me, it’s definitely worth your time! Rumor has it that their Therapy Session Hair Mask as well as their Hold Me Tight Hairspray is also being sold at Costco right now for a limited time. You better believe that I will be trying those next. I’m hooked and know that you will be too.

Hurry over to Costco to get yours while you still can!
For those of you who do not have a Costco membership, you can find these products at www.eva-nyc.com or on Amazon.

Let us know what you think!

With love,
Alanna, Natalie and Lyndsie










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