*Take Over Tuesday* DoTerra Essential Oils.

Photo Credit: Alanna Story

Hi friends, Natalie here, and today I am REALLY excited to introduce our guest blogger for another Take Over Tuesday. Today’s guest is Makenzie Mehl aka the Oil Lovin Momma. She is one of my favorite friends in the world and someone I look to for advice ALL the time. She is my go-to girl for all of my life questions especially about motherhood and she is someone I trust with my whole heart.

This past winter it seems as though my kids have been more sick with seasonal viruses than ever before. I was beginning to feel quite defeated and down right frustrated. I felt like nothing I did was getting rid of the germs or comforting my kiddos while they were so miserable. I had literally tried EVERYTHING and yet my kids were still sick.

That’s when Makenzie recommended that I try a couple different essential oils.

YOU GUYS!!! These have been a total game changer for my family! (I wouldn’t blog about something unless it REALLY was worth it to me and I am telling you these oils are WORTH IT!) I could ramble on all day about why I love them but Makenzie is the expert with them and she has the BEST tips and tricks. So I’ll turn the blog over to her and if you have any questions feel free to comment them below.

Take it away Makenzie!

Hi everyone, my name is Makenzie, aka Oil Lovin Momma. I’m so excited to be taking over Two Sisters and a Story today.

I was introduced to Essential Oils about 4 years ago when my son was having some ear pain. His babysitter, who also happened to be the PA at his Pediatrician’s office, said she would take a look at them. She checked it out and sure enough he had some inflammation. She called him in a prescription and said that he would most likely need it by the end of the weekend. Later that day, I was telling a neighbor about the situation and how I just didn’t want to give him an antibiotic if it wasn’t a full-blown ear infection, but I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable. She suggested I try an Essential Oil. There wasn’t much harm since I already had the prescription waiting to be filled at the pharmacy if he did need it. I decided to give it a try.

You guys, I applied it and he fell immediately to sleep and took an amazing nap. He woke up happy as a clam (which was not recently the case and was the sole reason for having his ears checked in the first place). We continued with the oils for 3 days and I had his babysitter check his ears again. She confirmed that he, in fact, no longer had the inflammation. I was stoked! I felt empowered to be able to take care of my child without medication.

At that point I knew I needed these oils in my home. I purchased an enrollment kit and went to town learning all there was to know about Essential Oils. There is a lot to know, and I am still learning daily. I hope some of what I share will help you gain a level of understanding about these incredible alternatives for wellness.

There is so much information about Essential Oils. I want to give you a sense of their power without overwhelming you, so I’ve made a list of my Top 5 Essential Oils with some handy little tips about ways to use each of them.

Lavender Oil: promotes relaxation, calmness and peaceful sleep.

My favorite ways to use Lavender Oil:

  • Sunburns: Lavender Oil is very calming to the skin and will take the sting and red out of a sunburn super fast. If I’m sun kissed, I just add 5-10 drops to a spray bottle with water and spray away. If it is a whole body sunburn, I take a bath with a Tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil and 5-10 drops of Lavender Oil.
  • Sleep: I love to spray my pillow and my children’s pillows with a spray bottle of water and Lavender Oil mixed. This helps them calm down and fall asleep quickly, so I can binge watch Netflix pick up the house before bed.

Lemon Oil: is cleansing, invigorating and purifying.

My favorite ways to use Lemon Oil:

  • Detoxing: 2 or 3 drops of Lemon Oil in a (glass or stainless steel only) bottle of ice water is so refreshing. Not only that though, it will help detox your body and break down synthetic materials.
  • Cleaning: Lemon Oil is the best cleaning solution I have found. It cleans counters, glass, anything sticky and even wax off of fruit! Did you know that’s really a thing?

Peppermint Oil: helps alleviate upset stomachs and promotes healthy respiratory functions.

My favorite ways to use Peppermint Oil:

  • Regulate Body Temperature: when my children may be a little too hot, I will use Peppermint Oil to help bring their body temperature down. It is cooling to the skin as well.
  • Help with Occasional “Back –Ups”: Peppermint Oil is a lifesaver in the bathroom for my children who occasionally don’t eat enough fiber and need a little “help”. Just a couple of drops in the toilet and there is almost instant relief.

Melaleuca Oil: cleanses the skin, purifies the air and promotes healthy immune function.

My favorite ways to use Melaleuca Oil:

  • Cold Sores and Pimples: Melaleuca Oil is amazing for skin. It stops a cold sore in its tracks (like when you get one the day before family pictures – sigh). It also helps clear up blemishes and soothes the skin.
  • Ear Discomfort: the second I see tugging on ears, I am all over it. I rub diluted Melaleuca Oil around the ears (never put oils in the ears – or eyes for that matter) and see amazing results.

Frankincense Oil: helps promote healthy cells and reduces the appearance of skin imperfections.

My favorite ways to use Frankincense Oil:

  • Facial Rejuvenator: I add a drop of Frankincense Oil to my facial moisturizer to help even my complexion and rebuild cells.
  • Aches in Joints: I put a drop on joints when they are feeling achy or sore. It works wonders.

And there they are: my Top 5 Essential Oils.  My personal opinion is that these oils could replace most, if not all of the items in your medicine cabinet with no ill side effects or synthetic compounds in them. I hope this little introduction to Essential Oils will help spark your interest in making changes to the health and wellness of your family.

To see more tips and tricks, follow my instagram @oil.lovin.momma

Or my facebook page, oil.lovin.momma

And if you have any questions or want to find out how to get started on your own Essential Oil Journey, message me or email me oil.lovin.momma1@gmail.com


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