Meet Alanna… Aka The Story!


Guys! We thought it was time to introduce to you our amazing Alanna!
She is Alanna Story (the Story of two sisters and a story Aka the tan brunette one.) She likes virgin Pina Colodas and dancing in the rain…haha kidding, but for real it does sound kinda great! She has been married to the most patient, kind, loving man alive for 10 years. Caleb and Alanna have 3 crazy, sweet, wild, wonderlust, ADORABLE boys. (BOY mom all the way👊🏼 however, she wouldn’t mind a baby girl too.) Alanna just recently turned 30🙈 and in honor of that wonderful age she spent the last year doing 30 adventures with her family.
(You guys vote yay or nay if you’d like to see a post on all of her adventures)
Alanna is a very reserved and shy person at first but once you get her opened up she is beyond silly, and at times a tad inappropriate. We love her so much! She is one who loves with all of her heart and always gives her all in anything she does! You don’t just become friends with her, you become more like family. She loves being creative and anything old.  If it looks like a grandma would love it… you better believe Alanna will love it too! She is extrememely skilled behind the camera as well as in front of it too! She has some CRAZY GOOD talent in photography but yet can model too! She’s pretty amazing!


Q&A for Alanna:

My hobbies include:
Hiking, rock climbing, shopping, finding critters, fishing, photography (especially food photography and bugs photography… weird I know but so intriguing!) I love cooking, TEA PARTIES, weight lifting, crafting, making things look pretty, and spending as much time as I possibly can with my family.

Favorite quote:
“Be not afraid, only believe”

Something you would never guess about me:
I love studying bugs ( I spend hours looking at trees, under rocks, and leaves to find and take pictures of them) I also love looking for gemstone in anthills. What can I say, I’m a nerd.

Bucket list item:
To live and own my own mini farm and orchard

One thing you admit but aren’t proud of:
I once went 17 days without showering 🙊

Weirdest craving during pregnancy:
I was watching Finding Nemo with my husband when I was pregnant with my first son and the part came on where the shark was trying to eat marlin, and Dory. I sat up looked at Dory really close and said “she actually really does look delicious.” I legitimately wanted to eat DORY. So weird!!!

A piece of Advise you’d give anyone:
Be kind. It’s so simple but so huge at the same time. You truly never really know what someone is going through. A simple smile, a hello, a treat, or a card can change someone’s outlook on life forever. So let’s be KIND. Xoxo


We love our girl Alanna and we know you will too! She’s one in a million and we are so lucky that she is apart of this blogging journey with us! XOXO!




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