Anna’s Doodles

Photo Credit: Alanna Story

Hey Friends,

We hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend and were able to spend time with the ones you love most. We know Mondays can be a bit of a struggle sometimes, especially after a holiday! but today we have some fun prints to feature from an artist we think can brighten anyone’s day. This beautiful artwork is from our sweet friend Anna over at

We have been privileged to work with her and have fallen in love with her incredible talent and eye for art. She is fun , creative, and not only is she an amazing artist but she is genuine and kind.  We love that she is so willing to share her artwork with everyone.

If you have Instagram or Facebook we highly recommend that you stop whatever it is that you are doing and go over and follow her pages. She posts the most amazing cartoon artwork and we are especially fond of her sweet Mammoth and Penguin drawings. Seriously friends, they are adorable you HAVE to check them out. They would be perfect in a nursery or in a little ones room!

We love to share beautiful creations and products from truly beautiful people. If you or someone you know would like to be featured on our blog, please send them our way! Shoot us an email to and we can reach out to them as well!

We hope you have a great Monday!


With Love,

Alanna, Natalie, & Lyndsie

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Follow Anna on Facebook: Anna’s Doodles


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