Summer Bucket List


“Now give me some Fin, Noggin, DUUUUDE!!”

Photo Credit: Lyndsie Allen

Hey All!

Okay so even though it may not feel like it today due to the SNOW this morning (#onlyinutah) but SUMMER is surely on its way!

Here at Two Sisters & a Story, we try our very best to live life to the fullest. In fact just last week, Lyndsie was able to go to Hawaii for the very first time. While she was there she was able to check off a few “Bucket List” items that she has been hoping to do for some time now. She was able to swim with a SHARK panic in the water with a shark, YIKES!! and she got to swim with giant Sea Turtles. She was pretty stoked to say the least! Lyndsie also has plans for going on various hikes, camping, watching baseball games, and getting a tan this summer (for those of you who know Lyndsie, this will be the toughest one for her to accomplish LOL!!)  The pictures she took while in Hawaii were incredible and made us start to think about other bucket list items we want to accomplish.

So we decided we are going to create a SUMMER BUCKET LIST and we need your help coming up with some ideas! They don’t have to be extravagant (actually the majority of ours aren’t) but what we are hoping for are some ideas to help us make the most of our summer and the time we spend with our families and friends.
We want to try new things and most importantly get OUTSIDE with our kids and husbands this summer to enjoy the world around us and to make some great memories!
So tell us…
What is on YOUR bucket list?
Leave us a comment below! We would love to add your ideas to our bucket lists and if we use your idea you may just have the chance to be featured on our blog! So start sending those ideas!
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With LOVE,
Alanna, Natalie & Lyndsie

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