Flap-Jack Drizzle

Photo Credit: Alanna Story


Hey Everyone! Lyndsie here!

Do any of you have a go to favorite staple item in your fridge or pantry that you can’t live without!? Well I sure do!
Today I wanted to share with you my VERY FAVORITE syrup/topping in the whole world!
Flap-Jack Drizzle! I went through six of these bottles last year alone.. SIX! (Not even kidding..ask my husband. I’m obsessed.)

Flap-Jack Drizzle is a Utah’s Own local company who has created a little piece of Heaven on Earth inside a bottle! Starting out as a secret family recipe for years in a family owned restaurant, Flap-Jack Drizzle has been 100% perfected and has boomed to become a pretty hot topping here in Utah! 

This caramel syrup is my go to topping on Pancakes (hence the Flap-Jack) BUT I also put that sh** on everything! (Say that in the Frank’s Red Hot old lady voice haha) Sorry, I had to do it.. too far? Sorry guys. On a more serious note, whether it’s on my French Toast, Bananas, Ice Cream, Popcorn, or maybe just on the end of a spoon after work..(don’t judge me.) It is all around amazing!

You need to try this! Trust me on this one! Everyone who has tried it has been hooked, and I know you will be too! Flap-Jack Drizzle is worth every penny!

You can find Flap-Jack Drizzle online at https://flapjackdrizzle.net/ or you can find it in the following stores in Utah as well as in Montana.

– Lee’s Marketplace- Smithfield and North Ogden
– Valley Market- Eden
– Park City Market- Park City
– Pirate O’s- Draper
– Peterson’s Market- Riverton
– Morgan Mercantile- Morgan

– Old Town Cafe- West Yellowstone
– Marketplace- West Yellowstone

Feel free to follow along with them on Facebook as well as on Instagram too!


With Love,
Alanna, Natalie, & Lyndsie











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