Take Over Tuesday with Project Gekko: Keep Traveling!

Hey Everyone!

We here at Two Sisters & a Story love looking into new places to travel to in the world! This is why we are so excited for our  Take Over Tuesday! Today we have the wonderful Rory & Charlotte from Project Gekko!

These two are absolutely incredible and have traveled to 39 amazing countries in this world so far! Now that’s one heck of a bucket list! They are so spontaneous and so fun! We want to be just like them! We all have an inner travel bug soul that would love to travel but sometimes when we hear about scary things going on in the world, we take a step back due to our fears. Today on the blog, Project Gekko is going to share some reasons why we need to keep traveling! We can’t wait!
Take it over Project Gekko!




Hello Everyone! We are SO excited to be able to share this post with you on the ‘Two sisters and a Story’ blog! To introduce ourselves… we are Rory + Charlotte, and together we are ‘Project Gekko’, a fun and quirky travel blog. Rory is a Geologist and Charlotte is a Photographer, so together we make for an interesting match. We’ve been together just over two years now, and when we first met it became quickly apparent that we both LOVED to travel. So naturally, we began to spend all of our spare time exploring and taking off to faraway places as much as possible. We decided we wanted to share our experiences and photos so Project Gekko was born!


In light of everything that has been happening in the world recently, what with the terror attacks and innocent lives lost, we wanted to share our reasons to KEEP travelling as near or far, and as often as possible! We cannot let the cruel people of the world dictate our lives and inject fear into our dreams! We have to stand as one, and travel brings us closer to other cultures and shows we are stronger together!

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So here are our main reasons to keep exploring…

  • Travel opens your eyes to other cultures… stepping foot onto an unknown land brings a sense of fear and excitement all at once, but you’ll thank yourself for taking the risk as you will learn so much about other people’s way of life – their beliefs and how different their day to day lives are compared with yours. By immersing yourself in someone else’s culture and soaking it all in, you broaden your horizons and give yourself fresh motivation to do what you really want in life. This will open up so many amazing opportunities and experiences for you and you might even make some amazing friends along the way!


  • THE FOOD! If you are massive foodies like we are, you won’t be fussy and will love to try anything new and exciting to tickle your taste buds. Travelling isn’t just about ‘self-improvement’ and ‘learning something’, it’s about enjoying yourself. Experimenting with food and local tastes and is definitely one of the plus sides to travel.


  • You will see some of the most beautiful sunsets, sights and skylines while on the move. Anything from a UNESCO World Heritage Site to a cute little back street farmers markets, there will be beauty everywhere in all its different forms.


  • Charlotte suffers from anxiety. Rory was shy. Through travel, we both had to confront these fears. We weren’t in the comfort of our own homes and were forced to deal with emotions we would normally burry when in a familiar setting. Travel has taught us how to tackle our fears in a much more head on way, making us stronger people.


  • You will find yourself. We know this sounds SO CLICHÉ but it’s true. By being away from home, having new experiences and making new friends from all different walks of life you will grow into the person you have always wanted to be. You will slowly learn what’s really important to you in life and become motivated to achieve it because you will be surrounded by inspiration to continue on your path to being the best you!


  • When you finally come home and lay your jet-lagged head on your pillow, you will be going to sleep with a whole new perspective on life. When you travel, you realise what and who is important and what’s not. You will realise that every person is equal and have respect for other cultures that you never had when you first left home. Regardless of where you come from and what you believe in, you will stand as one with the rest of the world. Which is probably the single biggest reason to keep travelling.


So book those flights. Don’t be afraid to spread your wings and live your travel dreams!


Get out and KEEP EXPLORING!!

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We love Project Gekko and know you will too!

Be sure to check out Project Gekko here!
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OR you can find them on Pinterest! (Because who doesn’t have a Travel board?!)

With Love,
Alanna, Natalie, & Lyndsie


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