Paperly Press


Photo Credit : Alanna Story


Okay friends, you know how much we love to promote the good in this world right?! You probably also know how much we love to find new local business’s and help share their talents. Well today we are so excited to share with you another incredible artist and business owner of Paperly Press. Ali the owner does the MOST incredible paper cake toppers.  For food lovers as ourselves, we fell in love with her work instantly! We asked her to do these adorable succulent toppers for a little get together we had, and they turned out amazing! We were blown away when we received them. They went perfectly with the set up we had as well as with the cupcakes we made. (If you’d like the cupcake recipe please leave us a message below.) For reals, lets all give Ali a huge high five for these freaking adorable toppers!

We aren’t posting this as an ad but we are sharing talents from amazingly talented people with you. We believe in sharing things that bring happiness into this world and Ali sure did that for us! So to our dearest Ali, Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

Please check her out and follow her on Instagram HERE!

You can find her on Facebook HERE!

ORRRR you can order products through her etsy HERE!

We love her and know you will too! Go show her some love!

With LOVE,
Alanna, Natalie, and Lyndsie


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