Colgate Wisps: Max Fresh!


Hey guys! Lyndsie here!

Have you guys heard about Colgate Wisps before!? I’m finding SO MANY PEOPLE who have not! If not, then you may be hooked after reading this! They are AMAZING! If you ever want to try one, 9 times out of 10 I have them in my purse! So if you see me, just ask! (It’s not weird, I swear. I share.)

A Wisp is pretty much a portable toothbrush. It’s mini so it’s PERFECT for a purse or for travel! One end is a toothbrush and the other end is a soft pick so if you have something stuck, Wisp has you covered!

These awesome on the go toothbrushes require NO WATER, NO RINSING, and they are SUGAR FREE yet they taste amazing! What!? How does this work? It does! Just trust me!

There is a pearl like ball in the center of the Wisp that bursts with fresh toothpaste feeling gel into your mouth and it cleans and makes you feel like you are brushing your teeth. It’s harmless if you swallow it and totally safe for kiddos! It’s also fun and something new for kids in case any of you out there have a hard time making them brush!

If you’re a big soda drinker like myselffffff….(Diet Coke For Life) then these come in particular handy so I don’t get soda stains on my teeth after drinking a can/fountain drink..or a gallon of soda.

I’ve been so hooked on these that I’ll sometimes pull one out during church meetings or during times that probably aren’t very appropriate for me to be brushing my teeth.. People constantly ask “Are you brushing your teeth?” and then I get to tell them all about how amazing these are!

I Wisp in the car, at work, after meals, or just when I’m looking for a fresh clean feeling without chewing gum. A lot of my friends swear by them when they are camping too! Especially if you don’t have running water! They are pretty awesome!

You can find Wisps at Walmart, Target, Amazon, or practically any grocery store!
Just look near the floss and toothpaste! I buy the 24 packs so I can keep them in my purse.

WISP AWAY FELLOW READERS! We love these and know you will too!

With LOVE,

Alanna, Natalie, & Lyndsie



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