My Own Meal Plan



Photo Credit: Alanna Story

By far one of the BEST things that has come from our blogging adventure has been the opportunities we’ve had to meet amazing and SUPER talented people in our community. It’s truly been one of if not our favorite part of our journey. Whether we are creating new DIY projects, trying out new products, or sharing and learning new recipes, we are always so excited to learn from what those around us can teach us.

Since we love to meet new people and love trying new recipes, you can imagine our excitement when we first met Alex from MyOwnMealPlan. After a few emails back and forth we knew Alex was our kind of girl and instantly began throwing out ideas to create something fun with her. That’s when our visions of an “Outdoor Tea Party” started coming to life. We think this style of tea party can be used for so many different occasions (Baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, Mother’s Day, Girls Night Out, The options are really endless) and the best part is that you can easily create your own Tea Party with items you have around your house and yard. **More details on how to create an outdoor tea party will be coming soon**

Today we want to tell you about Alex and the food she created for our Tea Party.  Our first impressions of her were that she is absolutely DARLING, beautiful, and ONE HECK OF A COOK!! As we got to know her more, all of those things were confirmed and we feel so lucky to have met such a talented and genuine person. You guys, this girl is going places! She is seriously as sweet as they come. Oh and her FOOD is top notch! Everything she l created was so incredibly good that we are still craving it right now! She made the most delicious fruit and cheese appetizers, Spinach Salad with Sweet Chia Seeds Dressing, Ribbon Sandwiches, Oreo Cheesecakes Shooters, and the BEST lemon water we have ever had! We honestly cant express how amazing her food is! All we can say is that if you’re in Utah, do yourself a favor and try out her food! Or if you want to give her recipes a try visit her blog to find them all.

Alex recently started her own catering business and is now taking orders. Head over to her blog to contact her and place your order.

You can also find the full recipes for the food Alex created specifically for our teaparty on her blog now: My Own Meal Plan

And dont forget to follow Alex on Instagram: myownmealplan

We adore her and KNOW that you will too!

With LOVE,

Alanna, Natalie & Lyndsie


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