Kroma Phone Cases

Hey friends!
Hope all is going well! Can you believe it is already March!? Time is flying!

Today we want to introduce you to a pretty awesome company called Kroma! We were first introduced to Kroma from our friend Yinghan! She is so kind and we have adored working with her!  Kroma is a phone case company designed specifically for iPhones with some seriously cute designs! They are unique but will have everyone asking you where you got your phone case when they see it! When going through the selection of phone cases, we had the toughest time deciding on which ones to get! We would buy one of each if we could!

Something that really stood out to us about Kroma though is that the backplates of the cases are interchangeable! Yes! You read that right. Interchangeable!

So let me break this down, you just have to pick a color of a border for your case.  You can choose from white, black, or a super cute coral color! Next, you just pick your back plate(s) for your case. Oh and the back plate patterns/designs are on the inside of the case so the pattern will never fade over time! They stay looking brand new which you can definitely appreciate in a phone case! I have gone through so many phone cases where the print has rubbed off just from me putting it in my purse or in my jeans pocket! Kroma cases don’t do that and we love them for it!

When the case arrives (with super fast shipping we must add) all you have to do is pop the back into the border case and put it on your phone! It’s SO easy and so functional! Have you ever had a phone case where you were getting ready to remove it and you ended up having to break it to get it off? Kroma cases are not like that! They are easy, functional, and SO cute!

Taking care of your phone is a big deal and you have to be picky about what you trust to put on it. IPhones are extremely expensive so of course you want to protect yours! Kroma phone cases are thin and light weight but they have proven themselves to be just as protective as the other leading competitive brands. To be honest, I love not having a huge bulky case and also love that I get compliments on my phone case wherever I go!

We have been using these cases for a few weeks now and don’t even have a dent or scratch on them! We have fallen in love with these cases and know you will too!
Be sure to check them out and let us know what you think!

You can check out the website HERE.
You can check out their Instagram HERE.

With LOVE,
Alanna, Natalie, and Lyndsie





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