What’s Your Favorite Valentines Candy?

Photo Credit: Alanna Story One of our favorite things about Valentine’s Day is all of the delicious candy that fill the shelves in the stores. There are so many different varieties to choose from and it’s hard to pick just one. While we were browsing through Target the other day we grabbed a couple of… Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Valentines Candy?

Product Recommendation: Chart and Soul

Photo Credit: Alanna Story With the new year in full swing we are back into the craziness that is, everyday life. Between our daily tasks of raising our families, caring and providing for their needs, blogging and creating and finding beautiful things to share with you all, things can get a little hard to manage.… Continue reading Product Recommendation: Chart and Soul

*Approved Product* Kid Robes by Havlu

Photo Credit: Alanna Story Have any of you heard of Havlu?!! Well if not you are in for a real treat because they sell some of the most adorable products, including these kid ROBES! We received our kid robes from a sweet friend and still cant get over how cute they are! Alanna’s boys love… Continue reading *Approved Product* Kid Robes by Havlu