Blueberry Blackberry Banana Protein Shake

Photo Credit: Alanna Story Okay you guys we know many of you have made it a priority to be more healthy this year. One thing we totally get is, life is busy! Sometimes it can be hard to prepare a healthy meal, especially in the morning. Well guess what!! Alanna has found a new favorite… Continue reading Blueberry Blackberry Banana Protein Shake

Mango Avocado Blackbean Salsa

  Photo Credit: Alanna Story Nothing says HAPPY NEW YEAR better than a table full of the yummiest food, surrounded by the people you love, laughing, eating and enjoying it all! We are anxiously awaiting our New Year’s Eve celebrations and are already planning out the appetizers that will be sharing. We thought we would… Continue reading Mango Avocado Blackbean Salsa

Marshmallow and Lavender Suckers

Photo Credit: Alanna Story Oh goodness, Alanna has done it again!! She has created a sucker recipe that we just HAVE to share with you all! Introducing Marshmallow and Dried Lavender suckers! Don’t those just sound amazing? Well guess what, they are!! We kinda think these are what winter dreams are made of! They are… Continue reading Marshmallow and Lavender Suckers